Holistic Wealth Management

At Capital Planning Wealth Management, the services we provide are dependent on what is important to you. In addition to retirement income planning, we also focus on helping you manage the following life events:

  • Investment Management
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Long Term Care Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
  • Efficient Distribution Strategies
  • College Planning
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Social Security Planning

For most Americans, Social Security benefits are the key factor of a successful retirement income plan. The decision of which benefit to collect, and when to start collecting is often the most important and complex decision a family must make in retirement. With over 9,000 collection options for the average couple, Social Security is complicated. We are here to help.

Through our planning process, we analyze your individual situation to identify not only the “maximum” Social Security strategy, but more importantly, the “optimal” Social Security strategy for your specific needs. Every situation is different, so each recommendation is tailored to you.

The decisions you make regarding Social Security will have a lifelong impact on your retirement income, yet only 38%* of Financial Advisors provide advice on Social Security for recent retirees. With so much at stake, we believe that everyone deserves a conversation. Please feel free to use us as a resource as you are navigating the important decisions of your Social Security plan.

*Statistic provided from the Nationwide Retirement Institute, “Consume Social Security PR Study.” August, 2017.

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Medicare Planning

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Divorce Planning

Thinking about or going through a divorce can be very scary and overwhelming. There are so many uncertainties. However, your financial picture does not have to be one of them! Deborah Peters, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) professional, will work with you through the financial aspects of divorce, giving you the confidence and knowledge you need when you are negotiating your settlement or looking at support options. We will partner with you to analyze your financial data, giving you recommendations and doing planning work customized to your situation. Navigating things such as taxes, income and liquidity can become difficult if you do not have sound, professional advice. A CDFA can help you make the right decisions today so that you are prepared for tomorrow.

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401k Services and Employee retirement plans

Capital Planning Wealth Management is an experienced firm providing retirement plan strategies and services to small businesses. We help you to maintain a high-quality retirement plan by providing a broad level of service for you and your plan participants. From investment analysis and due diligence to employee communications and service provider benchmarking, our process-driven strategies seek to increase overall plan success.

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  • "Providing financial advice to people who seek to advance and protect their wealth is paramount to helping my clients pursue financial independence in retirement."

    John W. Sullivan, II, ChFC®, MSFS, RICP® Wealth Advisor & Co-Founder
  • "We help clients plan, prepare and work towards enjoying their retirement by doing the heavy lifting for them."

    David S. Bahnick, CLU®, ChFC®, RICP® Wealth Advisor & Co-Founder
  • "I enjoy educating clients about their investments, giving them the knowledge and confidence they need to make the right decisions for their future."

    Deborah L. Peters, ChFC, RICP, CDFA ​Wealth Advisor
  • "We respect your time & always strive to connect you with a live person when you contact us with a client service need"

    Leanne Dimler Executive Assistant
  • "Success is not defined by beating markets, but rather by meeting goals"

    ​Jonathan Carpenter, CFP®, RICP® Wealth Advisor
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