Retirement Wave Strategy

Retirement Wave Strategy℠ is our trademarked, proprietary process designed to help retirees work toward maximizing their retirement distribution. Our 8 step process is as follows:


1. Retirement Roadmap

If you were going to drive to California, you wouldn’t just get in the car and go. It’s important to have a well-designed plan. How does this relate to your retirement income? In this step, we analyze your income, expenses, tax impact, and all the moving parts of your retirement picture from now until age 90. Taking a look at the long view, all with the goal of not running out of money.

2. Social Security Maximization

With over 9,000 different claiming options for the average couple, Social Security is complicated. The decision on when to collect Social Security is often the most important and most impactful decision you will face in retirement, but you don’t have to face it alone. By comparing multiple collection strategies, we will help you determine the ideal time for you and spouse to file for benefits.

3. Portfolio Analysis and Recommendations

Success is not defined by beating markets, but rather by meeting goals. Is your investment portfolio positioned ideally to meet your retirement needs? Do you know what you own, and how it is working for you? Do your investments have too much or too little risk for you? After testing your individual risk tolerance, we will provide specific recommendations for your overall portfolio, to help you align to your individual risk tolerance and personal income goals.

4. Tax Efficiency

To us, tax efficiency means two different things:  Are you maximizing your deductions today, and more importantly, do you have a tax efficient withdrawal strategy for your retirement? By working alongside your accountant, we will collaboratively help you minimize your current tax burden and aim to increase your tax efficient distributions.

5. Stress Tested Portfolios

Can your retirement handle the market declines of the past? What will your portfolio look like if we have another year like 2008 or the great depression? In this step, we take a “financial engineering” approach. By using historical data dating back to 1926, and the way your money is actually invested today, we can show you your probability of pursuing your long-term retirement goals and compare other possible solutions.

6. Healthcare

Health care in retirement can be intimidating and confusing. With increasing costs, planning for your healthcare in retirement has never been more important than it is today. We will help you navigate through Medicare enrollment, and help you evaluate your options for supplemental coverage and the risk of long term care.

7. Protection

If your family protected with adequate amounts of life and disability insurance? Or do you have too much coverage based on your goals? We will help you review your current coverage, and shop for any additional coverage if needed.

8. Estate Planning

Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney and a Health Directive? Could your family benefit from creative Trust planning? Working alongside an Attorney, we can help you address these questions as well as ensure your assets are going to who you want, when you want, in an efficient manner.

Capital Planning Wealth Management and LPL Financial do not provide legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation

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